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Let's be honest. I'm not the best at getting an actual dinner on the table most nights. I'm the type of person who would happily eat peanut butter on toast, much preferring the flavors and foods of breakfast and lunch. But I do find that when we have a fully prepared meal for dinner, my young kids are much more likely to sit at their seats and consume more than a few nibbles. So make dinners I must, and I regularly turn to recipe inspiration on the internet to jump start my meal-making. 

Half the battle of dinner is deciding what it's even going to be, and if that's your struggle, these meals are surely going to help you land on a few ideas to make this week. It doesn't have to be elaborate, but it does take just the tiniest bit of forethought to make sure you have a few ingredients on hand that can be thrown in a pan for a yummy dinner. 

Planning these meals on a Sunday and shopping specifically for them would be ideal, but many of these are customizable for whatever you happen to have in the fridge or freezer — and they're all designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.