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Easy Kid Snacks That Aren't Junk Food

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As a mom of two small kids, I know all too well how easy it is to fall into a rut of feeding your kids. More often than not, they get the same collection of grapes, cucumber slices and chunks of cheese for snacks, or if we're in a pinch, I'll reach for animal crackers or some sort of packaged puffs. But unsurprisingly, they do seem to get bored of seeing the same thing on their plate day after day. That's why we all need a post like this every so often, to remind us just how easy it is to have healthy snacks on hand to keep boredom and unhealthy snacks at bay. 

One of my biggest downfalls as a parent is planning ahead when it comes to food. Once I get to the grocery store, I'll inevitably forget half of the items I intended to buy, and we'll get home with the same collection of snacks I already described. But if you can get into the habit of also picking up a few other items, like hummus or the ingredients for some healthy muffins,  everyone will be more interested in downing the healthy snacks in lieu of packaged junk. 

And of course, having those healthy snacks on hand can also help cut down on another parenting challenge: child whining. Kids can experience major blood sugar drops if they're not being fueled properly, leading to meltdowns and whining. Here's one way to prevent that in your house!