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Easter egg decorating has come such a long way since I was a kid. I remember when my mom picked up one of those kits that helped you marble eggs; one year there was very tiny glitter that stuck around the house until at least July. But now the options for decorating Easter eggs are seemingly endless. What creativity the internet has spawned! 

If you're looking for ways to deviate from standard egg dying with your kids, look no further than this fun list. You've got time to order lots of supplies or round them up from deep in the craft closet and try a whole bunch of these. Let your kid sit next to you while you click through this slideshow and pick his or her favorite to try together. But fair warning: there are a few messy options mixed in with a lot of very mess-free ideas as well. 

So break out the chalk paint and nail polish, and get boiling your eggs. These ideas will have you inspired to decorate eggs a whole host of ways.