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When my kids were babies, sugar was easily avoidable. But once they hit toddler stage, it just seemed to infiltrate more and more with every passing holiday. At Christmas, every time I turned around, my 3-year-old had found a new treat or piece of candy. At one point, she was walking down the street and a stranger came out of a store to give her a cookie. Needless to say, with Easter around the corner, I do not need to be filling their Easter baskets with more sugar since they're going to get that from all directions! But what I do like to include in Easter baskets is a selection of small items that they might play with, or might be a bonus on a long drive in the car. 

When I was small, one of my favorite things to get in my Easter basket was packets of seeds. It's funny that I enjoyed those so much considering that growing up in Maine, the planting season was always weeks after Easter. But now I like to give my kids things like sidewalk chalk, new crayons or a new tub of play-doh — all of which will give them items they can enjoy and play with for at least a week. 

Here is a whole bunch of ideas for Easter Basket stuffers that aren't too expensive and won't fill your kids with sugar.