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19 Unexpected Decorating Ideas For Your Teen's Bedroom

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When your kids are young, you can easily make decor decisions for them. Most little ones hardly notice what the wall color is, but by the time your child is a tween or teen, they will probably have at least a handful of opinions on how they want to decorate their space. Including them in the design process is paramount, and together you can come up with something that's restful, enjoyable, and functional for your teen. 

It's important to encourage kids to pick their stuff up on the floor and put it back in the space where it belongs, so storage options should definitely be considered. And when they're able to take care of their own space, they should be able to have a space that's a little more grown up. A lofted bed or a cool swing will definitely impress their friends and add to the lounge-ability of their room.

Keep reading to see more unexpected decorating tips that will make your teen's room really stand out.