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Celebrity Moms Who Are Hilariously Real About Motherhood

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January 18, 2018 - Axelle/Bauer-Griffin more pics like this »
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The celebrity mom lifestyle isn't always an easy pill to swallow when you're more Jenny from the Block than JLo. It can be discouraging to watch the social media feeds and interviews of famous mamas who project a picture perfect vision of motherhood, from their immediately toned postpartum tummies to their styled Instagram shoots. 

It's especially frustrating to see those kinds of posts when you know they benefit from all kinds of privileges that your average mom doesn't. With their personal chefs and trainers, night nurses and nannies, and seemingly endless financial means, a lot of these ladies haven't the foggiest idea how the other half lives.

It really makes you appreciate celeb moms who keep it real... real and hilarious. Even if Hollywood isn't your jam, as a mom, you can appreciate it when someone famous uses the platform they've been given to tell the world what #MomLife is actually like. From rejecting mom shaming to quoting sassy toddlers to addressing bodily functions, these famous figures are ones to follow.