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Celeb Moms Who Had Kids After 40

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February 17, 2018 - Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Europe more pics like this »
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There's not one "correct" timeline for creating a family: Some of us do it the traditional way where we pop out 2.5 kids in our twenties, others do it before, and others do it way after. In the end, all that matters is that everyone involved is happy and healthy and excited to create a life together.

To celebrate mothers who took the non-traditional path and waited a little later in life to have their broods, ahead are all the celebs who had kids after their 40s. Whether they wanted to focus on building their careers, entered second marriages, decided to skip waiting for that perfect partner, or had trouble conceiving, everyone has their reasons for starting their family a little later. And each one of them have loved the experience and wouldn't change a thing.