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Bad Habits You're Accidentially (Or Not So) Teaching Your Kids

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Surfing Your Couches
We are strong. We carry tantruming children and their various items out of stores as they flail about wildly. We carry the metaphorical world on our shoulders along with our heavy backpacks. We heave endless baskets of laundry down long, obstacle-filled hallways. This is all true, and yes, we still need to exercise. Real exercise keeps our hearts healthy, keeps our metabolisms up, and keeps our endorphins flowing. With obesity rates climbing among adults and children, it is more important now than ever that we don't make excuses about getting some active time into our lives every week.

Don't worry if you can't join a gym, throw on a video in your living room and get your sweat flowing while the kids do their homework at the coffee table. They'll see you and remember what you did for yourself long down the road.