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Bad Habits You're Accidentially (Or Not So) Teaching Your Kids

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Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash
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Staying Bored
While you're on a Great British Baking Show hiatus, use your disconnected time to reconnect. Once we sit down and do it, we remember that playing games is actually really fun (after we get through the arguments about who's turn it is to go first, that is). Seriously, though, whether it's doing a puzzle, playing cards, or an epic Hi, Ho, Cherry-O battle, there's nothing like seeing those eureka moments on little faces when they make connections and celebrate little wins. Watching you handle defeat with humor, or even a bit of disappointment, before shaking the winner's hand teaches them how to have a good time without being the best every time.

What better lesson can they learn heading out into this ultra competitive world of ours? Break out your best shuffle, your fanciest roll of the dice, or your most secret puzzling strategy and let the moment take hold!