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Bad Habits You're Accidentially (Or Not So) Teaching Your Kids

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Staying Plugged In
Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your phone, playing Candy Crush, or crashing in front of Netflix whenever you get a chance to sit down? More often than not, this is our default mode, and it's because we're tired! But, screen time actually doesn't do anything to help that. We all love to binge a good show and catch up with cat videos — that's fine, and we can also break that time up by reading that book that's been sitting on our bedside for months, or tackling that jewelry making kit that we got from our mother-in-law three years ago.

When your little ones see you valuing your time by digging into a good page turner or doing something creative, you're teaching them that these things are valuable ways to spend their free time too. So, spend some time unplugged!