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Bad Habits You're Accidentially (Or Not So) Teaching Your Kids

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Ditching Your Self-Care
Everyone needs a pajama day sometimes. Not depressed pajama day, but glorious slippers and blanket, book and hot cocoa, popcorn and movies pajama day. Running on a hamster wheel 7 days a week to make sure that nothing is left undone is not sustainable. That kind of schedule leads to burnout and short tempers, neither of which is helpful in living your best life. Just like when they tell you on the airplane to put the mask on yourself first, you can't be the you you want to be for your family if you're down for the count.

Can't take a whole day? Sit yourself down with a cup of tea and a magazine and announce that you are taking a break to take care of you. They'll thank you for it, and they'll grow up with the understanding that they need to do the same too.