10 Imaginative Baby Shower Themes You’ve Never Seen

Here are some new baby shower themes every parent should have on their radar.

Once you announce you're pregnant, there are so many things to start planning and thinking about — baby shower themes being one of them! All your girlfriends and family members will be on top of you for details, and we know the perfect theme is something that's on every new mom's mind. You want to set your decorations apart from the generic decorations out there and choose beautiful invitations. Take this time to really explore all the trending baby shower themes until you find one you love — one that truly radiates your sense of style. After all, this special day is all about you, mama.

When I had my son, we focused on the color blue and zoo animals because that’s how his nursery was designed. I’ll admit that it was a bit lame compared to all the amazing baby shower themes people use today. Much more recently, when we were pregnant with my daughter, we noticed a shift in the way baby shower themes were designed — there were so many more baby shower themes to choose from! It’s not just about colors or gender anymore; there are location baby shower themes, different designs, even popular television shows (ahem, Game of Thrones). Each baby shower is an experience.

We know it's hard to choose (especially when those hormones are raging), but we’re confident one of these imaginative baby shower themes will leave you happy. Right now, one of the biggest baby shower theme trends is to find one that's imaginative, unique, and wows your guests.

We’re certain you'll get lost in these whimsical baby shower theme options — it's up to you to pick just one. Then all you have to worry about is opening your baby shower gifts!

Baby Shower Theme #1: Harry Potter

Whether you feel like you belong in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, we bet you never thought of embodying all the magic and love you have for Harry Potter by considering them baby shower themes. It's definitely imaginative as you could transport your guests to a whole new world by re-creating Hogwarts with your decorations, snacks, games, and drinks to make this one of the most memorable baby showers they have ever attended (and probably one of the most fun, too!). 

If you choose Harry Potter out of these imaginative baby shower themes, you can quite literally let your imagination soar when it comes to your party prep. You will, of course, need to make sure that you have magic wands handy, a sorting hat, and butterbeer everything. Your guests will love these Harry Potter-themed balloons as they celebrate. Expelliarmus!

Baby Shower Theme #2: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

So many of our new mom brains often fantasize about our bedtime routines and how we will snuggle with our new little babe, sweetly singing the sounds of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" until they drift off into dreamland. It's pretty much the cutest thing to imagine! So why not take that magic daydream and make it a reality as one of your baby shower theme options? It sounds almost too surreal but can be a possibility with the help of your gal pals and a little bit of inspiration. 

To bring your "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" theme to life, you're going to make sure that you first start with gold or silver star streamers and lots and lots of confetti. You can easily find glistening star garland online so that your baby shower guests can walk through what feels like a starry night. And of course, each guest should probably go home with a copy of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" themselves. Who knows, your guests might just leave and have the best night's sleep ever!

Baby Shower Theme #3: Boho Baby

Boho, short for Bohemian, is the ultimate way to have a beautifully tranquil and relaxed baby shower filled with all the peace and joy that a mama-to-be needs in her life. The whimsical space could be filled to the brim with flowers of all colors. If you're having a girl, you can make sure they have a more feminine feel, or masculine if you're expecting a boy, or not. The flower choices are endless and a boho shower is all about going with what you are feeling inside. Guests can even take home some of the flowers by creating beautiful crowns to wear throughout the shower and food can be served picnic style to bring guests together. Gifts for the mom-to-be can be collected underneath a tent, which will totally add to the tranquil, rustic vibe, as love truly fills the air. 

Baby Shower Theme #4: Ready to Pop

If you are known as the girl who has a great sense of humor, then your name is written all over this super creative Ready to Pop baby shower theme. While other showers are celebrating all the pink and blue with traditional decor that you see everywhere, this imaginative shower will truly make you stand out and everyone will leave with a chuckle. With the ready to pop theme obviously highlighting the fact that your belly has gotten so large that it indeed appears that you are ready to pop as you waddle all over the place, you can wow your baby shower guests with non-traditional treats and lots of bright colors.  

Imagine your treat table filled to the brim with a cute "ready to pop" sign, popcorn with all the amazing toppings you could think of served in traditional movie theater cups, and of course "she's about to pop" balloons everywhere. Then, you can send your guests home with party favors that include more poppable items like Blow Pops and Pop Rocks. 

Baby Shower Theme #5: Alice in Wonderland

You truly can't have an imaginative baby shower themes list without including Alice in Wonderland, one of the most magical, surreal and unique stories of all time. We have watched this classic be portrayed on the big screen in so many different ways over the years, so your baby shower is completely open to your own (favorite) interpretation. However, there are a few components that should definitely not be overlooked. For instance, your tables can easily be decorated by including decks of cards spread out over a white tablecloth. Drinks can be adorned with "drink me" tags, and there should be some sweet treats (say... macaroons or cupcakes perhaps?) that says "eat me" on them, to stick with traditional themes. And vintage arrow signs leading your guests in the right (or wrong) direction are definitely a must. 

Beyond that, your imagination can truly run wild as you can plan a cake that includes everything from the White Rabbit to the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts, or focus on Alice herself. And don't forget the photo op props! One thing is certain though: tea should most definitely be served. 

Baby Shower Theme #6: Little Man Mustache 

If you know that you have a little baby boy cooking inside, then planning a creative baby shower centered around your little man with mustaches galore, is a very out-of-the-box way to celebrate all the little boy goodness about to come your way. Picture it: mustaches, bow ties, and top hats everywhere that you turn as guests are prompted to take fun selfies with props, help you build your list of rules for the baby to be the perfect gentlemen, and wet their whiskers with your drinks of choice. And you can't forget the little man cake, complete with a mustache on top!

This imaginative baby shower will, of course, be complete with candy mustaches for all of your sweet guests, and coaxing them to take a group picture (mustaches and all) to remember this extra special day.

Baby Shower Theme #7: Baby-Q 

So many people immediately turn to mom whenever it's baby shower planning time, but it's really about all those daddies-to-be out there, too. Which is why we had to include this super fun, Baby-Q, co-ed imaginative baby shower trend that so many families are opting for as a way to not only celebrate the baby but make it a fun time for everyone. Yup, feel free to invite all family and friends from both sides and turn the baby shower into a full on Baby-Q party, complete with all the fixings that mama-to-be is craving!

You will have a blast pulling out the grill for this fun baby shower! This super relaxed baby shower will be made complete with "a baby is brewing" sign, lemonade in mason jars (your choice if this is spiked for guests or not), plaid tablecloths with special baby-q plates, and you can even do some fun, outdoor white onesie painting. Let all your guests leave your fun soiree with a make your own smores kit and this is sure to be a party that will be remembered. 

Baby Shower Theme #8: Woodland Animals

Animals, in general, have long been among the baby shower trends presented each year, but if you want to set yourself apart and go a much more whimsical route, building your baby shower around woodland animals is the way to go. This is especially perfect if you are having a barn baby shower, or it's happening during the chillier months of the year because this theme tends to be much more rustic and will whisk your guests' imaginations away to feel like they are actually spending the afternoon in a wooded area. 

For this baby shower trend, you will want to make sure that you have a burlap banner for boy or girl on hand, as well as a cute mixture of woodland animals for decorations. To give everything an even more rustic feel, you can purchase wood slabs in all different sizes, which can be used for everything from place settings to the plate that you set the cake on. And to say "thank you" to your guests for attending your baby shower, they will love walking away with sweet little woodland creatures treat bags, filled to the brim with candy.  

Baby Shower Theme #9: Reading Rainbow

If you've ever been to a baby shower before, you are well aware that one of the most popular baby shower trends is that every guest brings a children's book to the shower (in addition to their regular gift, of course) to help build the baby's library right from the start. Reading is such a crucial part of a child's development and making this a habit, even whenever they are still growing in the womb, is truly setting them up for success. However, the building a library option takes this baby shower trend a step further and creates an entire baby shower around the concept of building the baby's library. And of course, this theme becomes extra special if the parents are book nerds themselves. 

The decor for the shower will feature everything from special sayings (ahem: I love you to the moon and back), to books displayed everywhere and even a cake decorated from top to bottom, highlighting the parents' favorite books from their childhood. Don't forget to drop these "books for my baby" tags into the invitations when they are being sent out! And for the extra imaginative parents, you could always create a menu featuring favorite meals from iconic children's books such as green eggs and ham, porridge, and meatballs. 

Baby Shower Theme #10: Game of Thrones

Like we mentioned earlier, Game of Thrones super fans who are expecting a special arrival are getting very creative these days by incorporating their love for the HBO drama into their baby shower — and making them co-ed showers to boot! With so much of the storyline revolving around Kings and Queens, the different houses, and of course — the mother of dragons herself, the imaginative options are truly endless.  

If you are feeling like an overachiever, you can make sure your guests are fed a decadent feast fit for royalty, wine galore, and don't forget to make sure everyone is wearing a sparkling crown. Your cake can put every other baby shower cake to shame by featuring one of the nine Great Houses in Westeros, whichever house you and your spouse fancy, or just throw one of these really cool "a baby is coming" cake toppers on it and call it a day. 

Basically, everyone can feel like royalty for the day, and mom-to-be should actually be sitting on her own pretend throne. The parting gifts for your attendees should most definitely be "mother of dragons" coffee mugs for the mamas and foam swords for the boys. 

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