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Gender neutral nurseries are gaining popularity these days, but you'd be surprised just how adorable and amazing gender-heavy nurseries can be as well. When you're expecting a girl and want to add quite a lot of frill, that can be really fun. Likewise, if you're expecting a boy and want to go all-in on the masculine touches, these are some ways you can make that happen. 

When we got the news that my daughter was on her way, we had approximately six hours to prepare — and we literally had a bed and a couch in our apartment. Superstitiously, we didn't want to get even a onesie until we knew for sure that we were going to be parents. Once she arrived, I was fairly overwhelmed with organizing bottles and diapers and barely threw together a nursery. But if I had it to do over again, I might go all-out girly. 

And somehow, now that my son finally has a nursery of his own in our new home, his digs are more boyish than I ever anticipated, with blue accents all around. Gender neutral nurseries might be trendy, but the opposite can be pretty fun as well.