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Stock Baby's First Library With These Board Books Under $6

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The first time I realized you could get board books for less than $6 (or even less than $4!) on Amazon I was super excited. Not only do they make great gifts for showers and toddler birthday parties, but they're a cheap way to stuff stockings or brighten your little one's day. And, with many baby showers now requesting books instead of cards, they're also a smart item to keep stocked.

Compiling this list was a lot of fun because so many of the titles have become household favorites for my family. Even my four-year-old still requests some of these books to be read again and again, and I always love when she's started to memorize them because she's heard them so many times. And, as a mom, I have to admit-- some nights I'm relieved to be handed a short board book to read instead of a longer preschool or elementary school title.

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