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You Should Be Following These Inspiring Adoption Advocates

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As an adoptive mom, I'll admit that I have filled my Instagram feed with fellow adoptive moms, adoptees, and even foster moms. After having gone through the process, there's nothing that will make me cry faster than seeing someone else finally get to meet the child they've been waiting and hoping for for so long. And likewise, very little will make me cry harder than wrestling with some of the toughest parts about adoption. 

But one of the most amazing things about Instagram, blogging, and just the general share-ability of the world at the moment is how much more information we all have at our fingertips. Those outlets can be better than any Google search if you're looking for the real-life version.

So if you're at all interested in adoption, these are the Instagram accounts, bloggers, influencers, and even a few celebrities who might give you the inside scoop as to what the process and reality are like.