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Amazing Movies You Probably Haven't Had Time To Watch Yet

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Each phase of parenting has its time constraints. With a newborn, you barely sleep. With a toddler, you never sit down. With kids in preschool, you rarely make it out the door without cheese sticks melting in your purse.

But at what stage can you find a solid two hours to watch a movie? When you have school-age kids they need help with homework in the evening after sports and other extra curricular activities, and that movie you planned to stream isn't so appealing at 9:50 pm when your alarm (or a child) will be waking you before the sunrise.

To eliminate the time it takes to actually search and find a film to watch, we've compiled this list of movies that offer escape across genres. As a bonus, many are written, directed, or star women and actors of color. And, they can be streamed on your television with Netflix, Amazon, or Vudu.

Still short on time? Don't worry, you can always watch them in installments if you need to.