2. Splurge On: Several Types Of Baby Bottles
Obviously, if you're bottle-feeding some or all of the time, you're going to need a certain amount of bottles. More if you're exclusively feeding from a bottle or you're working out of the home and your child will be in a caregiver's hands. The thing is, you're not going to know what bottle your baby is going like until you're trying it out.

There are all sorts of different types of nipples and bottle shapes and sizes and let me tell you, babies have preferences. So your best bet is to purchase one of a few different types of bottles. That way, you can try them out, but you're not buying the six-pack of the one you can't return. When (and if, of course) you hit the jackpot and your baby is happily drinking out of a certain bottle, you can go ahead and stock up on that brand.