Dads Make The Best Playmates
“Somewhere along the path to adulthood, I stopped wanting to play. I think it is because I spend all day surrounded by it that I want to spend any spare time doing something more adult. My husband still plays like a kid, though. And our kids know it! They go straight to him when they want to play.”

Dads are not afraid of pillow forts that swallow the entire living room. Dads are ready to put on a princess tiara or pretend the ground is lava at the drop of the hat. And if that imaginary phone rings, you better believe that dad is going to answer it!

Maybe it’s because Mom has a to-do list a mile long or maybe it’s because she knows she is going to be the one to clean up the aftermath, but play just isn’t Mom’s strongest suit. So go ahead and hand the kids to dad and set out a bucket of legos while you go do your thing.