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The holidays can be so tricky when you're a parent. There's such a strong urge to spoil your kids rotten, but then an equally powerful urge to teach them to be good, kind, thoughtful humans who care about the people around them. Holiday excess seeps in from every angle, so as parents, we need to make a concerted effort to show our children what it looks like to give, whether to those in need or just as nice gestures. 

I want my kids to pick up good habits, so I wanted to think of ways I could show them giving in our daily life, in both big ways and small. From buying coffee for the person behind us at the coffee shop, to picking up the makings for dinner when we're at the grocery store. Of course, giving back doesn't have to cost money, just time and energy, which we should always try to make a little to spare. 

If we can give back as a family, there's no way our kids won't learn to think of others before or at least along with ourselves, and our small worlds will become better places for us all.