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I will be the first to admit that large groups of toddlers terrify me. But I do love to celebrate birthdays, and as my kids get older, birthday parties will be a regular part of our year. One thing I like to remember when planning my kids' birthdays is that they aren't always up for the level of celebration adults like to plan. Small people can quickly get overstimulated and overwhelmed by too much sugar, too much noise, and too much excitement. 

In actuality, toddler birthday parties don't have to be much fuss or planning in order to impress the birthday boy or girl. At that age, balloons and sprinkles are still a big hit! Take a book your child loves and make a few activities based on the theme, or drag out a sprinkler and a blow-up pool for a splash party any 3-year-old would enjoy. If you're in for a really low-key celebration, just pack a picnic full of toddler snacks and a cake and head to the local park.  

If you're still stumped for inspiration for your toddler's birthday, you won't be after you flip through this slideshow. Here's a ton of inspiration for a little one's birthday party — you'll have a hard time choosing which idea to use.