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Be Ready For Transfer Day!
The next morning I shower and skip the makeup again. I fill up my water bottle and start chugging. I need to have a very full bladder to make the catheter go in easier to transport the embryo. I take my Valium at the time they instruct and we are off to the clinic. By the time we are called back to the room, I’m doing the potty dance. Both of us change into our surgical attire and the doctor comes in to talk with us. I think I’m going to throw up. I am so nervous that something is going to go wrong. He hands us a picture of our embryo.

Then we are taken back to the surgical suite again, my feet go up in stirrups and I’m covered in blankets. I can see the embryology lab to the right of me. I watch on a screen while the embryo is placed up into my uterus, in a little pouch of fluid that I can see. It all feels so surreal. Also, I still really have to pee. Also, there’s a lot of people in the room. I lie still for ten minutes before I’m allowed to use the bathroom. Then I had to lie flat in a recovery room for another half hour. I start progesterone which is a hormone that helps support a pregnancy. Luckily, this is in pill form.