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I’m no stranger when it comes to IVF treatments. In fact, I’ve done three IVFs, two donor egg transfers, and three FETs. But let’s back up and start with what this all means. IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a highly complex, highly expensive option for people going through infertility.

Simply put, I took a lot of medications to grow an abundance of follicles in my ovaries, underwent a surgery to retrieve those follicles, and the resulting mature eggs that were available were fertilized with my husband’s sperm in a lab. The embryos were allowed to grow and divide for several days until one was placed into my uterus for a hopeful pregnancy.

In addition to IVF, I also went through three FETs. An FET is short for a frozen embryo transfer. It’s bypassing all the egg-growing business and is just a procedure where a stored embryo is thawed out and transferred to my uterus. Less costly, easier on my body, but you have to have those embryos to begin with. And my journey to those FETs started with my first IVF.

What makes up those two paragraphs was actually a huge process, with a lot of questions along the way, a lot of money being dished out, and one of the worst emotional roller-coasters of my life. Here is a glimpse into my first IVF process and what it was really like to go through it.