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"Be prepared" is the Boy Scout motto, but it's also a fitting mantra for the expectant mother. When it's your first pregnancy, there's so much to decide: which car seat is best, where baby will sleep, breast or bottle. One of your first tests comes before your little one even arrives — packing your hospital bag.

It can be intimidating, so let me first reassure you that whatever happens, you'll be fine. You can't prepare for every eventuality, and babies come in their own time. The only non-negotiable item is the first on the list. Other than that, someone can retrieve a forgotten item if you're already at the hospital. You can buy snacks and some necessities at the gift shop, and your nurses are also a great source, especially for postpartum care supplies.

With all that being said, you're going to feel a lot better going in to labor and delivery as prepared as possible. For you, that might mean attending a child, doing a dry run to the hospital, touring the birth center, and yes, packing your go-bag. If you're around 34 weeks, it's time to gather the following and then rest easy knowing you're ready for the big day.