50 Royal Baby Names For Parents Who Like To Keep It Classic

Royal baby names are great inspo for traditional parents.

A royal baby name pretty much guarantees you’ll have a classic (and sophisticated) name choice for your baby. Because many royal families must pick names that honor their royal relatives, they select from time-honored royal baby names we’ve all heard (and loved) before. Just look at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids’ names and you’ll see they’ve picked traditional options: Prince George Alexander Louis, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and Prince Louis Arthur Charles. As you probably also noticed, royal baby names are longer than most!

Even despite the constraints of needing to pick royal baby names to honor royal relatives, royal children who aren’t direct heirs to the throne often receive less predictable names. For example, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York, named their daughters Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena and Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary. Thanks to choices like these, the pool of potential royal baby names does grow over time. And, with royal families in many countries throughout the world, the options for royal baby names are wider than you might expect.

We compiled a list of fifty royal baby names for parents who like to keep it classic because we know how fun it is to pick a name belonging to real royalty. After all, don’t most of us secretly believe we’re raising a prince or princess? Regardless of your answer to that question, royal baby names are solid choices and have generally been popular throughout time. To help you make your decision, we've included name rankings from the Social Security Administration in 2017, (the most recent data available at the time of publication). That way, you can know whether you’re picking a royal baby name that’s currently popular in the U.S., or less common, depending on your tastes.

And, if you’re curious about what rules Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have to follow when naming their real royal baby, check out the video below.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Have To Follow These Baby Name Rules

50 Royal Baby Names


This popular name ranked 13th in the US in 2017 and has been on the top 20 list for nearly two decades. Meaning “defender of men,” the name has Greek roots. It has been the first name of princes in Sweden and Serbia.


In 2017, Alexandra ranked 120th in the US, but had a solid run on the top 100 list throughout much of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Also meaning “defender of men,” this Greek name is the middle name of Queen Elizabeth II.


An uncommon choice in the US, Alfred ranked 861st in 2017. Meaning “of nobility,” the name has English origins. King Alfred the Great ruled Wessex in the ninth century.

The full name of Queen Elizabeth II is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.    
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This name has risen in popularity in recent years, ranking 70th in 2017. Meaning “of nobility,” the name is derived from English. Princess Alice was the second daughter of England's Queen Victoria.


On the top 50 list since the 1960s, Andrew has maintained popularity over time, and ranked 40th in 2017. The name means “masculine” and is derived from Greek. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is the brother of England's Prince Charles.


Ripe for a comeback, Anne ranked 575th in 2017. The name means “full of grace” and is derived from English. Anne, Princess Royal, is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.


Another name less-common choice, Arthur ranked 244th in 2017. The name means “noble” or “corageous,” and has English roots. It’s a middle name for England's Prince Louis, Prince William, and Prince Charles.

Both Prince Charles and Prince William (pictured left) share Arthur as a middle name.    
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With classic names making a comeback, we expect Astrid to increase in popularity from its spot at number 714 in 2017. This Scandinavian name means “godly strength” and is the name of Princess Astrid of Norway.


With a decidedly retro vibe, Beatrice ranked 559th in 2017 and means “she who makes happy.” It has Latin roots and England's Princess Beatrice is Prince Harry's cousin and the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew.


Naming your kid after a ruling king can’t be a bad decision. King Carl XVI Gustaf is the current king of Sweden. The name means “strong man” and has German origins. It ranked 627th in 2017.


Not only is this a royal name, but it also has its own song, “Sweet Caroline.” Meaning “strong,” the name has Latin roots. In addition to the current Princess Caroline of Monaco (daughter of Grace Kelly), England had a Queen Caroline around the turn of the 19th century. In 2017, the name ranked 55th.

Kate Middleton's full name is Catherine Elizabeth, Duchess of Cambridge.
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We probably don’t have to tell you that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is really named Catherine. The name means “pure” and has French roots. It ranked 198th in 2017.


Prince Charles of the UK has been an icon for decades and his name means “army warrior.” It's derived from German and ranked 49th in 2017. We especially like the nickname Charlie.


The UK's Princess Charlotte is darling and this name would be adorable for your daughter, too. Meaning “free man” or “petite,” the name has French origins and ranked 7th in 2017.


A classic, this name has astoundingly been on the top 25 list since 1920. Meaning “beloved,” the name has Hebrew roots. David is Prince Harry's fourth name and the informal name for King Edward VIII, both from the UK.

Diana, Princess of Wales was born Diana Frances Spencer.    
Diana, Princess of Wales was born Diana Frances Spencer.    
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The late Princess Diana of the UK will always be an icon. Meaning “heavenly” or “divine,” the name has Greek roots and ranked 230th in 2017.


A name you don’t hear often, Edmund ranked 924th in 2017. The name means “protector of wealth” and has English roots. King Edward ruled England in the 10th and 11th centuries.


More popular than its Edmund counterpart, Edward ranked 169th in 2017. It also means “protector of wealth” and has English origins. Prince Edward is the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and also the name of eight kings of England.


We shouldn’t need to tell you the Queen of England is Elizabeth II. Meaning “oath of God,” the name has Greek roots and ranked 13th in 2017. Another enduring classic, the name has been on the top 20 list since 1960.

With Queen Elizabeth II as a strong and poised namesake for your daughter, you really can't go wrong.
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This sweet choice means “whole” or “universal” and has German roots. It has also been wildly popular throughout the 2000s, and ranked 1st for the fourth year in a row in 2017. If you choose this name, your daughter will share it with Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont, Queen of the Netherlands in the 19th century.


You likely won’t have to worry about anyone sharing your son’s name in his kindergarten class if you choose Frederick. The name hasn’t been on the top 1000 list since 2009. Meaning “peaceful ruler,” the name has German roots. Frederick has been used as a royal middle name in the UK, and was the name for Prince Frederick of Wales in the 18th century.

Lady Gabriella Marina Alexandra Ophelia Windsor offers multiple royal baby name ideas.
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This pretty name has fun nickname potential and ranked 68th in 2017. Meaning “God is my strength,” it’s derived from Hebrew. Lady Gabriella of Windsor is the daughter of the Prince and Princess of Kent.


Prince George of the UK is definitely a cutie, much like your own son will undoubtedly be. Meaning “farmer” or “tiller of the soil,” the name is Greek and ranked 124th in 2017.


If you want a name that carries both strength and grace, this might be it. Meaning “light” or “torch” the name has Greek roots and ranked 516th in 2017. England's Princess Helena was Queen Victoria's third daughter.


This classic has definitely been gaining popularity in recent year, ranking 18th in 2017. Appropriately, the name means “ruler” and has English roots. Henry has been the name of eight English kings.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway shares a midlde name with Queen Elizabeth II of the UK.
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Quiet and sophisticated, Ingrid means “beloved” or “beautiful” and has German roots. The name ranked 932nd in 2017 and belongs to Princess Ingrid of Norway.


A solidly popular choice, James ranked 4th in 2017 and has been on the top 20 list since the Social Security Administration started compiling names in 1900. Meaning “supplanter,” the name has Hebrew origins. King James II (of Scotland) was the first to rule a unified Britain in the 17th century.


This gracefully simple choice ranked 282nd in 2017 and is an increasingly common middle name, but stands strong on its own, as well. Meaning “Jehovah has been gracious,” the name has English roots. Lady Jane Grey was the queen of England for nine days in the 16th century.

Princess Leonor has quite the full name of Leonor de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Ortiz.
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A romantic choice, this name means “youthful” and has Latin roots. The name ranked 147th in 2017 and belonged to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands in the 20th century.


Another name you likely won’t expect to hear at your child’s school, Leonor ranked 919th in 2017. Meaning “light,” the name has Spanish origins and belongs to Princess Leonor of Spain.


Even with Leo among the nickname choices, Leopold has never made the top 1000 list. Meaning “brave people,” the name has German roots. Prince Leopold was the youngest son of England's Queen Victoria.


The UK’s adorable Prince Louis will probably contribute to a resurgence of this name that ranked 277th in 2017. Meaning “famous warrior,” the name has French roots.

Prince Louis Arthur Charles is seen here in the arms of his mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
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The female alternative to Louis, Louise is strong and classic, meaning “famous warrior.” With French roots, the name ranked 805th in 2017. Princess Louise was the sixth child of England's Queen Victoria.


Feminine and pretty, this name means “woman from Magdala or high tower" and is derived from French. The name ranked 368th in 2017 and belongs to Princess Madeleine of Sweden (who actually lives in the U.S.).


Offering classic sophistication and the always cute nickname, Maggie, Margaret means “pearl” and has Latin roots. The name ranked 132nd in 2017 and England's Princess Margaret was the sister of Queen Elizabeth II.


An alternative to Mary, Marie means “bitter” or “wished-for” child. While bitter at first may not sound like the meaning you’d like, it actually has a connotation of strength in Hebrew. The name ranked 651st in 2017 and belongs to Princess Marie of Denmark.

Denmark's Princess Marie was named Marie Agathe Odile Cavallier at birth.
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Classic Martha means “lady” and has Aramaic roots. The name ranked 750th in 2017 and belongs to Princess Martha Louise of Norway.


An ever-popular choice, Mary also means “bitter” or “wished-for child,” and has Hebrew roots. The name ranked 126th in 2017. Princess Mary of Teck was Queen of England in the early 20th century and the grandmother to Queen Elizabeth II.


This name definitely has a romantic ring to it, perhaps thanks to its Latin roots and “dark” meaning. The name ranked 652nd in 2017 and belonged to Prince Maurice of the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries.


With Max as a nickname choice, this name has definite appeal despite its ranking of 464th in 2017. Meaning “greatest,” the name has Latin roots and belongs to Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein.

Prince Maxilian's full name is Prince Maximilian Nikolaus Maria of Liechtenstein.
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On the top 50 list since 1934, Michael ranked 12th in 2017. The name means “like God” and has Hebrew roots. Prince Michael of Kent is a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth.


Meaning “people’s victory,” this name has Greek roots and ranked 68th in 2017. Nicholas has popped up in royal names throughout the centuries and is the name of Lord Nicholas of Windsor, the son of Prince Edward and Katharine, Duchess of Kent.


A name you don’t hear often anymore, Pauline hasn’t been on the top 1000 list since 1997, but was on the top 100 list from 1900 (when the data was first compiled) to 1938. Meaning “the younger,” the name has French roots and belongs to the oldest daughter of Monaco's Princess Stephanie, Pauline Ducret.

Pauline Ducruet holds no title, even though her mother is Princess Stephanie of Monaco. She is the granddaughter of Grace Kelly and her father was a palace bodyguard. Talk about fascinating family history.    
Getty Images North America


Meaning “friend of the horses,” this name has Greek roots and ranked 426th in 2017. The UK's Prince Philip is Prince Charles' father and the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.


Appropriately, this name means “strong ruler” and has German roots. It ranked 175th in 2017 and Prince Richard is the youngest grandchild of King George V and Queen Mary of England.


A name you may not have connected with royalty, Silvia means “spirit of the wood” and has Italian roots. It doesn’t make the top 1000 list but it does belong to Queen Silvia of Sweden.


Ever-popular Sofia ranked 15th in 2017 (and 5th with the alternate spelling, Sophia).  Meaning “wisdom” or “skill,” the name has Greek roots and belongs to Princess Sofia of Sweden.

We can't help but wonder if Sofia The First was inspired by this real-life Princess Sofia!
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Ripe for a comeback, Stephanie ranked 287th in 2017 and means “a crown.” The name has Greek roots and belongs to Princess Stephanie of Monaco.


This name has performed well throughout the last few decades and has been on the top 50 list since 1987. In 2017, it ranked 19th. Meaning “victory,” the name has Latin roots and belonged to Queen Victoria, who ruled England in the 19th century, (if you haven’t watched The Young Victoria or Victoria, you should).


There’s a good chance you’ve already been won over with this name by Prince William of the UK. Meaning “resolute protector,” the name has German roots and ranked 3rd for the second year running in 2017.

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