Everything You Ever Needed To Know About The Royal Babies (Plus Pictures)

A new royal baby is on the way in the UK, but do you know all about Europe's other royal children?

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A new royal baby is on the way for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the United Kingdom is buzzing with anticipation. The baby will make his or her grand debut in late April this year. And, the royal couple have made it clear that their royal baby will not follow the many of the same traditions as his or her cousins. For example, reports say Meghan may choose to give birth at a hospital in Surrey, which is closer to home, rather than St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington where Princess Catherine had all three of her children. Nonetheless, the royal baby’s name will likely still be traditional, with fans rooting for baby names Victoria or Diana for a girl, and Albert or Philip for a royal baby boy.
Meghan and Harry’s first child will be the UK’s fourth royal baby in the last five years, but the British monarchy isn’t the only one welcoming adorable new additions. From the sunny, Mediterranean skies of Spain and Monaco, to the Scandinavian shores of Sweden and Norway, royal babies and children are a sweet symbol of hope for the future, and are always cause for celebration.
And, a royal baby is often the source of much speculation – what will the royal baby’s gender be? Which names are the royal parents considering? What is pregnancy like for the mother carrying the royal baby? As it turns out, Meghan Markle may be able to ask for some advice on how to handle the pregnancy spotlight from her sister-in-law, as well as a few friends from neighboring countries.
Let's take a look at the royal families of England, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Monaco. Get ready for interesting tidbits and fun facts about the royal babies and children of these countries, including where their names came from, their first public appearances, their birthday party themes, silly moments they’ve had, and glimpses of their best royal baby photos.

Meghan Markle, shown here with Prince Harry on Christmas day, is expecting her first baby in April.
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Babies Of The United Kingdom

As most of the world well knows, the U.K. already has three darling royal children from parents Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Prince George, Age 5

The first child of William and Kate, and third in line for the British throne, Prince George has not always been the perfect little royal prince. His dad has described him as a little rascal, and one of his funniest moments was captured on camera when he threw a tantrum at the world’s largest military air show.

Princess Charlotte, Age 3

The only daughter to William and Kate, Prince William reported that Princess Charlotte was a sweet, easy royal baby in her early months. The little princess has already been a bridesmaid three times in her short life, and one of her middle names, Diana, is in honor of the late Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother.

See how princess charlotte made history after birth of her baby brother, Prince Louis:

Prince Louis, Almost 1

Little Louis is fifth in line for the throne, after his sister, Princess Charlotte. Louis is a family name meaning “renowned warrior.” We can’t wait to learn more about this sweet royal baby as he soon enters his toddlerhood.

Norway's Royal Teens

Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Age 14

Here's a fun fact. Princess Ingrid Alexandra, the first female royal baby to be heir to the Norwegian throne in 600 years, did not begin her education at the normal private schools as other royals in Norway. One of her first headlines as a royal child was that she attended a public school when she began her education.

Not babies anymore! A recent portrait of the two Norwegian royal teenagers. 
Not babies anymore! A recent portrait of the two Norwegian royal teenagers. 

Prince Sverre Magnus, Age 13

No longer a royal baby, Prince Sverre Magnus, younger brother of Princess Ingrid, recently celebrated his 13th birthday, and plays the drums as a hobby. Prince Sverre’s name has a long history with Norwegian kings, and he shares his middle name with his father, Crown Prince Haakon. 

Spain's Little Princesses

Princess Leonor, Age 13

This teenage beauty is a Halloween baby! Born October 31, 2005, Princess Leonor is heir to the Spanish throne, and when she ascends to it, she will be the first queen of Spain since 1868.

Infanta Sofía, Age 11

Despite her royal heritage and being little sister to Princess Leonor, Sofía is not technically considered a princess. She may be a tween now, but look at this cute photo of Infanta Sofía on her first day of kindergarten!

Infanta Sofia, now 11, stole everyone's hearts in this snapshot taken on her first day of kindergarten.
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Baby Bonanza In Sweden

Watch out, House of Windsor. Sweden’s royal family has had one royal baby after the other in the last few years. Here’s a quick look at the Swedish royal children, whose parents include siblings Prince Carle Philip, Princess Madeleine, and Crown Princess Victoria, and their spouses.

Children Of Crown Princess Victoria And Husband Prince Daniel

Heir to the Swedish throne, Princess Victoria has two adorable children. Six-year-old Princess Estelle is second in line for the throne after her mother, and is very much in the public eye in Sweden. When she was two, she had a special fairytale path named after her: Duchess Estelle’s Fairytale Path

Prince Oscar of Sweden is the youngest child of Crown Princess Victoria. 
Prince Oscar of Sweden is the youngest child of Crown Princess Victoria. 

Younger sibling Prince Oscar is two years old. This royal cutie will be third in line for the throne after his mom and sister. Despite his royal status, he seems to love playing and exploring as much as any other toddler. And just look at that angelic baby photo...

Children Of Prince Carle Philip And Wife Princess Sofia 

Prince Carle Philip and Princess Sofia are the proud parents of two little boys. The newest royal baby in this family, little Prince Gabriel, is a precious one-year-old. His big brother, two-year-old Prince Alexander, is equally cherubic. Alexander's first official engagement as a prince was a visit to the nature reserve.

A portrait of Prince Carle Philip, his wife Sofia and their two princes.
A portrait of Prince Carle Philip, his wife Sofia and their two princes.

Children Of Princess Madeleine And Husband Christopher O'Neill

Princess Madeleine, the youngest sister of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carle Philip, is mom to three beautiful children. 

Big sister Princess Leonore is four, and she knows that it’s not always easy being a princess, especially at your baby sister’s christening! Princess Leonore made headlines last year when she rolled around barefoot on the floor of the church, much to her mother’s horror. She’s also a blossoming ballerina.

Leonore's little brother, Prince Nicolas, is three years old. This royal baby boy is the middle child between two sisters – but by the looks of his sweet face, he doesn’t seem to mind.

Royal baby Adrienne is the youngest baby royalty in Sweden. She made her appearance last March and seems to be the center of her family’s world. 

Prince Nicolas of Sweden may be growing, but hopefully he never outgrows those beautiful blue eyes. 
Prince Nicolas of Sweden may be growing, but hopefully he never outgrows those beautiful blue eyes. 

The Royal Twins Of Monaco

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, Age 4

Monaco's royal family includes twins Prince Jacques, who is heir to the throne, and Princess Gabriella. The twins were born in 2014 to Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene. These royal children are no stranger to the spotlight, with mom Princess Charlene sharing plenty of adorable moments on Instagram. They recently rang in their fourth birthday in superhero style.

The royal twins of Monaco will turn 5 in 2019. 
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