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I was never scared to fly with babies or children. In fact, road trips might make me more nervous because everyone has to be strapped in at all times. At least on a plane, kids can wiggle a little and you have relatively easy access to them. But neither form of transportation with small children is easy. It's a means to an end — and hopefully that end will be worth the trouble! What you need to make travel with small children possible, is a handful of useful gear, interesting (but usually inexpensive) toys, and one million snack options. This list is the best place to start if you have travel with little ones on the horizon. 

The first time we flew with my daughter, she was eleven weeks old and it was the easiest flight on the planet. She had a bottle, slept the entire flight, and woke up for another bottle and a little admiration from the passengers around us. It's gotten trickier from there, but luckily we fly often and she knows what to expect. The best travel idea I ever came up with was to make a rule that we only get gummy snacks on an airplane. For a child motivated almost exclusively by sugar, it's been the best trick to get her seated and buckled, and for eliminating what would have been a recurring argument in the grocery store every week! 

If flying with babies or kids makes you nervous, take a deep breath and have a browse of this must-have list. It's full of tips that will help you get through a flight or road trip to your destination without too much drama.