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If you've been using the terms "trip" and "vacation" interchangeably, chances are you don't have children. You see, the word "vacation" denotes a degree of relaxation, and as any mom will tell you, that's in short supply with family travel. After all, it's hard to enjoy your umbrella drink when you have to meet the needs of small humans in your care.

It's virtually impossible to have a true vacation when you add kids to the mix. Because if you're lugging around a 40-lb. car seat, planning (kid-friendly, of course) activities around naps and bedtime, and ensuring that wherever you eat at least has French fries on the menu, then you're looking at a trip — a "vacation" that leaves you feeling like you need a, well, vacation.

It's not that family furloughs aren't wonderful experiences. They can be both memory-makers and learning opportunities. However, if mom's bucket isn't being filled, she shouldn't feel guilty about purchasing airfare for one. Whether you're still dreaming or are ready for the planning process, start with this list of inspiring international and domestic destinations.