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Until I had kids, I wasn't terribly excited about Valentine's Day. In fact, when my husband and I started dating, he proclaimed that we weren't the type of people to celebrate the holiday and I think I merely shrugged. But since becoming a parent, Valentine's Day has gotten a new life in our home. There's something about putting a baby in a heart-covered onesie that makes you feel a little more festive! And of course, when our son's adoption was finalized on Valentine's Day last year, that sealed the deal that the holiday will forevermore be a celebratory occasion.

Rather than turn Valentine's Day into another holiday to give and get more stuff we don't need, we try to focus on spending time together as a family and learning to show each other and other people that we love them. Any opportunity to show other people love is a nice occasion, really.

Celebrating Valentine's Day as a family doesn't have to be fussy or expensive or time-consuming. It just takes a little thought and energy in the direction of making a few traditions that will make your family happy every February. Here are a few ideas to get you started.