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Baby May Look Strange at First
After months of anticipation and hours (or days) of labor, your sweet bundle of joy is born, put into your arms and you look down to see a wrinkly body and cone head, covered in a cheesy white substance.

Newborns look very different from the adorable, squishy babies that flood our social media feeds. It's totally normal for their heads to be misshapen from traveling through the birth canal — don't worry it'll soon round out. They may also be covered in vernix, a substance that protects their delicate skin from amniotic fluid, and they may have swollen genitals. Their skin may be yellow toned from jaundice and they may have red spots — stork kisses — on their face or neck. 

Chances are you'll still think your baby is the most beautiful you've seen but you'll also be forgiven if you wonder if maybe you birthed a little alien.