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It's interesting to watch names climb the charts even before they're technically popular. While most of the names on the following list rank above 500 according to the Social Security Administration, they also made huge jumps in 2017, (the most recent data available at the time of publication). So, while these names aren't technically popular yet, they're a hint of what may be to come down the road.

Moreover, if you happen to be shopping for a baby name right now, you may be on the lookout for options that are less common but still desirable. Given the growth these names are experiencing, we can tell people find them increasingly appealing, which means they may also appeal to you, too. And, if nothing else, it's interesting to see where the tides may be turning when it comes to baby name popularity.

As you go through this list, be prepared for names that sound like combinations of other more popular options, as well as alternative spellings that set names apart. Even so, these names are definitely rare and worth reviewing. Let's take a look!