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You've survived a weekend with back-to-back birthday parties and figuring out what that horrible smell was in your daughter’s bedroom (the cat taking revenge). Time to binge on some fun shows, let your brain breathe and your worries subside. 

Netflix is stocked with so many shows, both original content and imported, that it takes time to figure out what exactly to watch. It’s easy to be distracted by laundry, a child who’s climbed out of his crib, or writing your shopping list for the next day and never have time to figure out what's good. When you’re in the mood for watching shows that center around the marvels and mayhem of family life, we have done some of the work so you can tune right in.

Whether you’re looking for a classic, a comedy, a tearjerker, shocker, a crime show, or sci-fi, there’s something that will help you forget that your son threw up in the back of the minivan, again. Travel around the world while you're at it with a show based in Mexico, Europe or Asia. We've got you covered. Let's take a look.