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We all know naming another human being is challenging. Not only do you have to like the name, but your partner has to agree. Now imagine being a member of the royal family and having to choose three to four names that honor royal relatives. And, consider that many of the British monarchs throughout the last several centuries have used the same names again and again. Put simply, royal parents have a smaller pool of names to work with than the rest of us.

Enter Meghan Markle and Prince Harry who've captivated the world with their news of a baby expected in the spring. While they're under less pressure to pick a name that follows Harry's royal heritage (because the baby isn't in direct line for the throne), they're still likely to stay on script. As such, we predict they will use a name with royal ties, and since they have to pick three to four names, we also bet you'll see at least one winner from our list.

Curious what this famous couple might name their baby? Let's take a look at the names we think might make the cut for those coveted spots. And, who knows, maybe you'll also find inspiration for your own little prince or princess.