It’s OK To Take It Slow
“Don't rush yourself. Talk to your partner about what's happening so they aren't confused.” - Kate S.

“Take it slow. Even though your husband might be ready sooner, think about what your body has been through. It’s OK to give yourself some time.” - Allison P.

“Don't feel guilty if it takes a little longer for you to feel comfortable again or if you aren't interested because you are so tired! You spent 9+ months growing a human and now you spend lots of energy taking care of them (even if you and your partner share the load). Just be honest with your partner about where you're at and how you feel during sex, and you'll have an easier time getting your groove back.” - Nicole T.

“Give yourself time to heal. It's not worth injuring yourself by starting sex too soon after the baby. You will get back to it!” - Julia  T.