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Things May Get Back to Normal (Or Be Better Than Ever)
“After a few months, once the fog of new parenthood lifted, things really were pretty normal. That was surprising to me. You hear that your sex life either changes completely or becomes non-existent. This was not the case for us. After adjusting to our new norms of life and parenthood, things ended up pretty much back to normal.”           - Allison P.

“Things weren’t the same, but after a season that was really hard, they became better than ever before.” - Malorie V.

“I was surprised how quickly everything ‘bounced back.' After a couple of months, there was no pain or discomfort.” - Betty V.

“Talk to your partner and tell them how you feel. Hopefully, together you can find what works best and make sex post-baby an even better experience than pre-baby.” - Danielle V.