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Forget Timelines
“The doctors say that you can return to sex after six weeks. If you have a normal vaginal birth without complications (I’ve had two) there’s still much pain until nine or ten weeks postpartum. If you do have complications during a vaginal delivery, such as tearing, which I had third-degree tearing with a nine and a half pounder, please expect it to take much longer.” - Katie H.

“I had to have an episiotomy after almost an hour of pushing with my first baby because his heart rate was dropping. It took a long time to fully heal. We did not have sex for close to three months, and it was painful. We tried again several weeks later and it was still awful. My doula told me for some, it takes about six months to feel 'normal' down there after an episiotomy, and she was right. It really did take about six months to find sex enjoyable, and not painful and scary!”              - Courtney B.