1. Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Hyper Glow Station
What's better than a fun train track? A glow-in-the-dark one! Whether you have Thomas the Train fans in your family or not, your kids are sure to be pleased with a glowing train track that includes a motorized Hyper Glow Thomas toy train.

We were lucky enough to check this set out in our house and my kids were so excited about the glow-in-the-dark features.  They also loved how the trains light up sections of the track as they roll over them, adding to their enthusiasm, (seriously, we spent a half hour shut in a closet because they couldn't wait for nighttime).  

The track will also work with other motorized Thomas trains if you happen to already have some chugging around your house. And, of course, additional Hyper Glow trains are also available for purchase. If this doesn't look like fun to you, you're probably not channeling your inner child. And, if your kids still didn't get enough glow-in-the-dark Thomas fun, glowing Thomas mini trains are also available.

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Hyper Glow Station, List price $59.99, Exclusive to Target