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When picking a name for your baby, there are a lot of factors to consider. And, unfortunately, a name's meaning can completely change how you feel about it. After all, some meanings, (like murder!), are pretty hard to shake. While you may choose to ignore a meaning you don't like, it's still good to know what meanings are out there before your kid comes home one day and wants to know why you named him after something so strange.

Just remember, however, the meaning of a name is often open to interpretation. When I named my second daughter Miriam, I was put off at first by the meanings of "bitter," "rebellion," and "sorrowful waters." Then I did a little more investigation and learned not only did the name also mean "wished-for child," but that the other interpretations of the name came from Moses' sister who crossed the Red Sea, and that "bitter" also means strong in Hebrew. Those were all things I could get on board with. And, as someone named Olivia, which apparently sometimes means "elf army," I can also attest that more whimsical meanings can be a source of amusement as opposed to a reason not to use a name. 

All that aside, a name's meaning can help you narrow down your list when you can't settle on the perfect choice for your new bundle of joy. So, ready to take a peak at some names with meanings you might want to know ahead of time? Let's take a look.