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When it comes to children, they don't just say the darndest things, they also make some pretty strange requests. I know because last year my daughter wanted to be a raccoon fairy for Halloween. And, while I imagine some parents would've said "no" and insisted she wear the expensive fairy costume we'd already purchased, I didn't fight her. After all, it's her individuality I love so much.  

As such, I totally get the temptation to let our kids be whatever they want for Halloween, (or, in the case of babies and toddlers, pick something unusual for them!). But I also know parents have to put their foot down somewhere, and the following costume choices are ones some families would definitely veto. 

Ready to see what you think for yourself? Just know we're merely having fun looking at unusual costume choices and pass no judgment of the families involved. Because, as we've already shared, we celebrate out-of-the-box ideas, too!