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Kara Lofthouse (Cont.)
How has becoming a mom changed you as an entrepreneur?

KL: Between my second and third daughter I had another business, but at that point, something had to give as I know how crazy those first couple of years are. Education and Photography are my passion and although my previous business encompassed both the education and art aspects it required more of my time and energy, than I liked to admit, that I had at the moment, so I made the decision to focus on what fulfilled me the most.

Having my daughters see me continuing to pursue my dreams, work hard, build my business along with my career is something I value and hold to the highest regard. Whenever conversations arise about whether or not girls can do certain jobs, I love hearing my daughters response... "Girls can do ANYTHING they set their mind and heart to (just like mommy does)."

I love having them have a role model who chases her dreams, do what some people deem impossible, and all the while they are the perfect little models for photo shoots! So how has it changed me? Just pushed me to a new level!

What makes you daring?

We focus so much time on the thought that people who succeed in life are the smartest or have the best education, mind you being an educator myself I obviously feel as though education is important, I also feel that not much attention is placed on those who are daring, bold, innovative and audacious and it should be!

These are the traits that will make you truly successful. I like to think that I have become more of all of these things the more time I spend with my children. By nature children are daring, bold, innovative and audacious because they have not learned not to be. Some rules I have learned best have come from my daughters:

1. Stop being scared to look foolish. My oldest daughter is never afraid of what people think of her, instead she just does what she wants, and usually pretty well! The innocence of trying new things and the joy you get from it is seen in any child's eyes and is just as great for adults! I no longer stop myself from doing something I really want to do because of what others may think... I just do it.

2. Give myself permission to do whatever I want to do. It has taken me a while to realize that I do not need approval or consent from others before I act on what I want to do, but I am really the only person that needs to give permission for these things and I need to get out of my own way to be bold.

3. Start before I am ready. I am a doer in all aspects of my life. I would rather do, than talk about it and figure out every detail. Sometimes thats a good thing, and sometimes I have to re-do, but thats okay! I've learned that when I feel 100% ready, its usually too late to get started.

4. Push myself out of my comfort zone. I love to learn new things, take new types of photos, and put myself outside of my comfort zone. By doing this, my comfort zone has gotten much larger! My most recent push was into birth photography and I absolutely LOVE every second of my "job" when I get the honor to photograph the experience for a family

5. Break the rules. This is the most fun when it comes to my photography. I am constantly learning the rules, and then trying to break them. There are so many wonderful photographers out there, and once you have done what you need to do, giving myself free reign on my own self expression allows me to be me!

6. Do something I think I can't. I keep an ongoing list of things I can't do-- running a triathlon, public speaking, dancing (anything besides the ballet I did for ten years of my childhood). Then, I pick one and do it. I am currently training for a triathlon with a friend of mine. My most recent job promotion requires me to publicly speak often, to teachers, parents, students, district executives and I am public speaking at least once a week; I am still not great, but I am doing it and getting better! Dancing... will come later!

7. I hang out with other daring, bold, innovative and audacious people. Our friends and family rub off on us, and the more daring, bold, innovative and audacious they are, the more likely we are to be the same! My very best friends are all of these things and more. All have their own talents, personality, parenting style, strengths and weaknesses, but our 5,821 text messages a day between us help lift us up, encourage one another, listen, support, and push us to sometimes be uncomfortable. They are some of the most amazing humans I know and I can only hope they rub off on me! I already mentioned my daughters who by nature of age and point in their life are daring, bold, innovative and audacious... the more time I spend with them, the more likely I am to remember to be the same!