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Jessica Toh (Cont.)
What are your biggest tips for moms wanting to start something of their own?

JT: 1. Go for it! 2. Time is your biggest currency. Go through all the things that take your time, and decide whether (a) it's important that you do it, or you love doing it, (b) it's important, but someone else can do it, or (c) you can drop it. I like Tim Ferriss' mantra: "If it's not a 'Hell, yeah!" then it's a no." You'll be amazed at how efficient you can be. I think moms in the age of Pinterest and social media can feel pressure to do it all, but forget it. You don't need to do or be everything to everyone. 3. Talk to as many people as you can about your idea, and listen to their feedback with an open mind. 4. Connect with others in the same boat as you.