Courtesy of Nasiba Adilova
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Nasiba Adilova (Cont.)
What makes you daring?

NA: I've always been a dreamer. I grew up in communist Russia, and people told me that life was not for dreamers and to be a realist. They said the world was hard and I'd need to be practical. That wasn't for me.

My family gave me the courage from a young age to chase my ambitions, be curious, and never
be quiet-- and I haven't stopped doing any of those things. Life is an incredible adventure, why set limits based on what others tell you. My world grows bigger every day.

What are your biggest tips for moms wanting to start something of their own?

NA: Trust yourself. There will always be a reason to not do something. When you have an idea that
keeps turning in your mind, give yourself time to work on it. There’s not a strict roadmap for
bringing your dreams to reality. When you know what you want, surround yourself with the best
people. Tell them what you want to do. Often, people will help, but it starts with you.