Books For Preschoolers
Having the right books can save you from stammering and improvising when your kids drops the hard questions in your lap. Look for books that have words your child will understand, factual illustrations, and answers to the questions that might trip you up. Little Explorers: My Amazing Body is great for covering body parts and functions with liftable flaps that preschoolers will enjoy. Who Has What? All About Girls’ Bodies and Boys’ Bodies does a great job of illustrating the differences in bodies between sexes and ages. Also highly recommended is the book, It’s Not the Stork! which is the first part of a fantastic series about bodies, sex and development and is recommended for as early as age four (but maybe later depending on your family). It is more of a reference for tough questions than it is a book you would read from cover to cover, but it encompasses everything your child might come up with it.