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Teach Appropriate Behavior And Private Behavior
School-age kids are becoming more aware of the intricacies of their own bodies as well as how they relate to other children’s. There is curiosity about both, and it can lead to behavior that, while innocent in motivation, is inappropriate. Kids will play doctor or try a show-me-yours-show-you-mine type play because they’re curious, and it is our job to curb it calmly without shaming them. Remind your children that while their body is their own and private, the same goes for everyone else. Having books available that show how bodies are alike and different will help to satiate much of their curiosity.

It isn’t just other people’s bodies that our kids are interested in. Kids this age are discovering how interconnected the parts of their own body are and how it can feel good to touch them. It’s a normal part of development and nothing to be ashamed of. Remind kids that private parts stay covered in public spaces (Yes, you may find yourself telling your kid that if they want to put their hands in their pants, they need to do it in their room) and to wash their hands afterwards.