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Safety And Consent
You’ve laid out all the basics for your teenager. They know what is what and what it’s for. Chances are, they’re experimenting (or will be soon). Now is the part when you get serious about sexual safety. Give your teenager a review on safe sex practices and birth control. Don’t forget the rundown on sexually transmitted diseases! And if you just can’t find the words, take them from one of the books we’ve recommended. It’s a good time as well to remind them of your family values, and above all that you love and support them and will help them whenever they need it.

Consent is more than a buzz word when talking about sexual activity. Our children need to feel safe to say no and to also know how to take no for an answer. Learning to receive and give consent is a continuation of the safety and physical autonomy talks you should have been having for years, but there is no such thing as too many refreshers. There are some great talking points about consent suggested by