Talking To Preschoolers
Preschoolers are first and foremost curious, so if you let them take the lead in your conversations, they will do most of the driving. You can continue talking about body parts, their proper names, and what their function is. Kids at this age love to play the who-has-what-parts game and they will ask about what you, their teacher and their friends are hiding in their pants with the utmost innocence.

Children this young don’t have any shame or hesitancy about asking personal questions yet, so this is a great time for talk that they they will later blush about. If you follow their lead and answer their questions in the simplest and most truthful ways, you wont need to worry about being age appropriate. Truly, simplicity is key and one sentence answers with minimal details work wonders. Whatever a child asks is appropriate for them at their age. Right now, you’re establishing you have the kind of relationship where they can ask anything and get an honest answer, and that kind of relationship will be much appreciated in later years.