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Beware Of Technology And Sex
Technology is more accessible to our children than ever. There are computers at school, at home, and in their pockets. You can try to put parental controls on the devices you have access to, but you can’t control what your children see outside home. The best defense is preparation and the assumption that is a matter of when, not if, they are exposed to sex on the web.

Pornography is damaging to children in multiple ways. Besides exposure to subject matter that is beyond their understanding, pornography is often a child’s first exposure to sex. Pornography can be degrading, violent and completely unrealistic as a portrayal of what normal and healthy sexual interactions look like. Pornography is also addictive. Our children need to know all of these things so that they can make the choices that we can’t safeguard them from. Fight The New Drug is an excellent resource for researching the harm of pornography and also learning how best to talk to your children about it.

Inappropriate sexual content can reach our children on the web in ways besides pornography, too. There are apps for hooking up and apps for sharing explicit photos. Simple text messaging apps can be harbingers of sexual content. You can not insulate your children from the content of the web and their peers, so you have to prepare them. Talk to them about what they may hear and see. Talk to them about what is age appropriate and what is not. And remember that our children’s devices don’t need to be private — you can set a standard for monitoring them and shelving them when not needed.