Teach Safety And Privacy
As your children wake up to their and everyone else’s bodies, it is a good time to start covering privacy and boundaries. It is a topic to bring up over and over in greater detail as children age, but introducing the concept of privacy now is good. Explain what parts of their body should be kept private, that privacy should be respected, and that their bodies are their own and they can (and should) refuse unwanted hugs or touches.

How to keep their bodies safe is a good topic to start bringing up now as well. Besides safe play practices (helmets on bikes, staying out of the road, etc.) and health, we need to talk about safe touching, dangerous adults, and ownership of their bodies. Remind them often that it is never okay for someone who isn’t their parent or doctor to touch their private body parts. Let them know that while most adults want to care for them and keep them safe, not everyone is safe.