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12. Myth: You Need To Be Wealthy To Homeschool
Truth: Wealth has little to do with being able to educate your child, but circumstance does. If you are a single parent with no help and working two jobs, you’re going to have a hard time homeschooling a young child. The greatest resource that homeschooling requires is time: time to plan, time to research, and time to teach. Parents can outsource some of that, but not all.

Much of the popular curriculum sold online to homeschoolers is expensive, but none of it is necessary. If you teach under a public homeschool charter or an online homeschool program, that cost of curriculum will be covered. There are many cheap and free options out there as well, though they take more time to organize. And you can't underestimate the value of your public library and the aid of a librarian! Public libraries are a wealth of resources, many of which you may not be aware of until you let your librarian know that you’re homeschooling.