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Taking a break around the holidays to get away with your family is the perfect gift for everyone involved. Not only will you get to enjoy seasonal festivities away from home, but you'll also get some quality time to focus on each other without all the distractions of social commitments and long to-do lists. 

So, where to go? That's obviously the big question. While we've picked 10 fantastic destinations for you, we also invite you to think local and look at the closest major city or charming country town as possibilities. Really, the key to holiday travel with your kids is finding somewhere you'll be able to relax a bit and also partake in some festivities. 

The following destinations are a mix of family fun, elaborate decorations, and hopefully enjoyable weather, (whether that means snow or sunshine!). In addition to compiling a list of destinations, we also researched things to do and places to stay to make your planning even easier. 

So, sit back and start adding to your family's bucket list. Even if you don't make it happen this year, anticipation is half the fun of travel. And, if you're still feeling stuck— invite your kids to look and read with you. Maybe they'll get excited about an option you never even considered. And, with any luck, you can make an experiential trip part of the gift-giving fun.