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At this time of year, it's easy to think that everyone celebrates the same way we do. But of course, that couldn't be further from reality. That Elf on the Shelf and those matching Christmas pajamas might be ubiquitous within our own circles, but outside of the United States (and even within the States!) there are a myriad of other lovely ways people celebrate the holiday season. 

As an American ex-pat living in Ireland, I have the luxury of knowing a whole bunch of people living in other countries. But it was only through writing this article that I got to know the intricacies of their holiday celebrations. From poems written for family members to tamales for Christmas dinner, there are so many different ways people in other countries celebrate. 

If there's one resolution I have on my list for the coming year, it's to pay more attention to the wonderful differences between us all. This is a very good place to start. And, if you have a trip on the horizon, consider taking a look at TripAdvisor for inspiration to one of these destinations!